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99.9% or higher efficiency proven according to ISO 22196, JIS Z2801, ISO20743 and ASTM E2149.


The effect has been confirmed, for example, against Corona 229E virus and H1N1 and H3N2 influenza A virus according to ISO 21702 and ISO 18184.

Mold and fungus

Efficiency confirmed in ISO 846 tests.

Adapts to your material

We adapt our technology/masterbatch to many different host materials/granules. In order to carry out an adaptation process, we need information about what kind of host material/granules your product is made of. You can find this information in your product's safety data sheet or technical data sheet.

Production setup

When we know the input technical data to match your host material/granules, it is necessary to know the type of machine(s) in your production and settings/all running parameters on the machines to be able to carry out a correct test production.

Quality assurance

After test production, some products are sent to one of our independent laboratories for a standard test. ZincIn can also be helpful in developing setups, which directly in your production, confirm complete integration of the technology and that it performs as desired.

Quality control

After the independent laboratory has carried out a standard test and confirms the performance, we receive a certificate confirming this. Through this, the product has achieved a certification which is linked to one or more of the ISO standards that have been agreed in advance. Together with the manufacturer, we ensure quality assurance that each and every production series follows all necessary data/parameters, and that regular spot tests are carried out from different production series where products are sent for testing at the laboratory that delivered the certification.

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