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Areas of use

The technology reduces bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of the products it is integrated into without the use of toxins. It does not leak out of the product in which it is integrated, maintains its properties as long as the product exists, and has different properties in relation to the area of use of each individual product in which it is integrated. Various tests/experiments show that products with the technology integrated are also easier to recycle.


Clean+Protect® reduces the growth of algae or other organisms found in aquaculture. Studies have been carried out on, among other things, fishing nets and floating elements in Norway for almost a year, as well as a large experiment over a period of 15 months in more southern regions. These conclude with a greatly reduced algae growth and harmful water bacteria compared to similar products where Clean+Protect® is not integrated, and which in turn contributes to increased animal welfare and less maintenance of farming installations where the technology is integrated. 

Pipes and drains


Clean+Protect® reduces/prevents clogged drains and leaks in drain pipes, and ensures water supply in pipes used for that purpose. It has been proven in many different tests and areas of use over many years that the technology provides a significant improvement in the plastic's mechanical properties, which in turn prevents the formation of biofilm or the growth of other bacteria in the sewage system. This can also provide a significant advantage that can protect against e.g. legionella.

Transport packaging

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Materials can deteriorate significantly from bacteria and mould. The product's properties can be affected by visible stains, discoloration and a bad smell. By reducing or preventing mold and bacterial growth, the surface will become more hygienic, and it will also prevent aging of the material. The technology will be able to help preserve the material's strength and colour, which in turn increases the product's overall quality and lifespan.

Food packaging

Clean+Protect® used in packaging for example in vacuum-packed products contribute to an extended shelf life and taste and smell experience. The technology has been carefully tested in many different types of products and industries. It works excellently in all types of packaging in PP, PE and PET plastic. Prevents cross-contamination, bacterial growth and the formation of biofilm or other unwanted growth and reduces bad odours.


Folded white sheets

Clean+Protect® in textile products is very exciting in several areas. It reduces the possibility of the formation and spread of bacteria/viruses on textiles, and as a result of this, a significant reduction of bad odor is seen which is often caused by bacteria/viruses on textiles. It does not wash out, and is now the only technology in the world that will be allowed to be used in textiles to reduce bacteria/viruses and bad odours.

Improved hygiene


Particularly during the pandemic, it was possible to see how infection through surfaces contamination can contribute to increased risk of infection. Clean+Protect® can be a big "game changer" if this technology is integrated into as many products as possible that many people touch, and where it is difficult to clean often enough. Examples of this can be door handles, buttons in lifts, ATMs, plastic boxes at security checkpoints at airports, etc. There are many studies and publications that confirm challenges related to virus and bacterial infection through product surfaces.

our products

Zincin AS develops products with self-cleaning properties that protect people against invisible threats. Behind each and every product is a revolutionary, patented technology that makes materials resistant to harmful bacteria and viruses.


Fruit and vegetable packaging

Contributes to making the food fresher and increases the duration of the product. Also reduces the risk of fungus in already packaged product. 


Bio Pipe™

Bio Pipe ™ pipe developed in 2015 proven to reduce biofilm in the condensation drainage of cooling systems. By using these pipes, you halve the maintenance routines and leakage due to biofilm


Packaging for fish and meat

Prevents bacterial growth,  formation of biofilm and reduces bad odours. The technology is food approved and can be used in vacuum sealing.


FFP2 masks

Reusable and washable FFP2 masks for the health sector, food production/kitchen or the construction industry.

Do you have a product you want the technology in?

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