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About us

In 2015, the founder of the company, Kjetil Christoffersen, came into contact with an environment/company in the Netherlands in connection with the development of a new health-promoting product for children. Kjetil Christoffersen is behind eight patents and has worked for over 30 years with product development/innovation. A collaboration was established with the environment in the Netherlands on the development and use of their technology, which was named Clean+Protect®, and in 2019 the company Zincin AS was established as a result of this collaboration.

Products, parts and materials made usingClean+Protect®are safe for humans, safe for animals and safe for the environment. Vi works continuously to get as many actors as possible on the team. Be it everything from manufacturers and distributors of products, to business organisations, directorates etc. Even though we are a young company, we already have partners/shareholders in place in both Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Norway. In addition to this, we collaborate with organizations such as, Hold Norge Rent, Waste Free Ocean and others.

We also have close cooperation with highly skilled players in design (both product and graphic), development, research, testing, material technology, model and prototype building, patenting, production and marketing.

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