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Verdens første serveringsbrett i resirkulert plast fra havet og en global patentert, mikrokompatibel, ikke-giftig selv-rensende teknologi.

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Serving tray with unique technology

We are pretty sure that good routines and current rules are followed when the restaurants reopen fully, but in busy restaurants it will be demanding to clean all the serving trays often and well enough between all the meals they are to be used for. And if you manage to do that, then they might be washed with the same cloth and the same water that has been in the bucket for several hours.

In this way, you spread the bacteria around without wanting to. And even if you get the serving tray clean most times, you have to remember that it is the last person who took the tray who may be the one who has bacteria you do not want to be infected by. And that was perhaps the time when the tray was not cleaned properly until you had your food served on it.

A new serving tray that combines the best of both worlds is now fully developed and ready for the market. A serving tray made from recycled plastic waste from the aquaculture industry. Here you give new life to materials that have been used as ropes and cages in the fishing industry, and give it new life as a serving tray.

In addition, they offer even more special features. They are equipped with a unique technology that keeps the board clean. This technology is developed and produced using the body's own trace element as it is present and works in the top layer of human skin. As this element defends the body against bacteria and viruses, this is imitated and makes the surface of the plastic material resistant to all bacteria. And keeps the surface hygienic without adhesion and spread of these bacteria.

Official third-party testing according to international rules and standards shows that there are> 99.9% less bacteria on these new boards compared to existing boards. 

A solution that makes very good sense in times of spread of diseases such as Covid-19, namely to bring good hygiene to these often forgotten surfaces.


About Norwegian Plastic Recycling AS

In the summer of 2017 Norwegian Plastic Recycling AS (NOPREC) started the brand-new granulation line in a small place called Matmortua at the very end of the sea gap. After test-running and fine-tuning the plant, high-quality plastic raw materials are now produced from end-of-life farm cages, feed bags and hoses from the aquaculture industry and ropes, plastic tanks and other plastic waste from the fishing industry. Norwegian Plastic Recycling AS is the only one in Norway that reorganizes hard plastic and ropes.

Unique features

Unique Parx technology

Non-toxic self-sanitizing technology patented in 43 countries to date.

No toxic chemicals

Contains no toxic or harmful to health and environmental chemicals.

Recycled materials

A serving tray made from recycled plastic waste from the aquaculture industry.

Tested and certified

Tested against a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

Do not wash out

The technology realizes an inherent, inert property change in and on the surface of the material that lasts forever.

No migration

No migratory or washable antibacterial agents.

Unique technology

Future-oriented and sustainable self-sanitizing technology.

Recycled materials

The product is made from recycled plastic waste from the aquaculture industry.

Tested and certified

Tested and approved against various ISO standards.

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