Security check boxes

Security control boxes made of recycled plastic with unique Parx technology that makes the surface resistant to attack by viruses, microbes and bacteria.


Boxes for security check abound with bacteria

The plastic boxes used at airport checkpoints around the world and affected by millions of passengers when they drop shoes, laptops, luggage and other items in them - have been shown to be swarming with bacteria, according to New York Times.

Researchers from the University of Nottingham in England and the Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare collected samples from frequently affected surfaces at three different times at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport during the high voltage season.

Half of the boxes at security checkpoints tested positive for bacteria that can make people sick. None of these bacteria were found in the toilet at the airport, the report shows.

These boxes usually cycle with high frequency to subsequent passengers, and are usually seized with a wide palm area and strong grip. In addition, the boxes are made of non-porous materials, so that viruses can live longer.

Undoubtedly, in times of pandemics and rapidly spreading infections, there is a great need to take measures to reduce the likelihood of transmission of viruses and bacteria in overcrowded areas and especially where contact occurs on contact.


Revolutionary technology

Ved å bruke plastboksene med integrert Clean+Protect™️ er det mulig å redusere antall bakterier på overflaten av sikkerhetskontroll bokser betydelig, samt spredning av ulike infeksjoner og virus. 

The technology lasts forever, does not migrate and contains no toxic substances. Using the technology makes the surface of the boxes more resistant to attack by viruses, microbes and bacteria.

Den gjør en intern endring i materialet eller produktet på mikrometrisk skala, noe som resulterer i selv-rensende egenskaper på grunn av forbedrede fysiske egenskaper, noe som forhindrer at bakteriene fester eller formerer seg.

Clean+Protect™️ som er selve teknologien, produseres ved hjelp av kroppens eget sporelement sink, slik det er til stede og fungerer i det øverste laget av menneskets hud. Den selvrensende ytelsen er mål etter en rekke standarder som ISO 22196 eller JIS Z2801. 

I tillegg forbedres den generelle hygienen og sikkerheten i områder der folk ikke er tilstrekkelig klar over faren. Som en bonus bidrar man til gjenvinning og reduksjon av plastavfall.

The main benefits


Non-toxic self-sanitizing technology patented in 44 countries to date.

No toxic chemicals

Contains no toxic or harmful chemicals for health and the environment.

Recycled materials

Boxes made from recycled plastic waste.

Tested and certified

Tested against a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

No degradation

The technology realizes an inherent, inert property change in and on the surface of the material that lasts forever.

No migration

No migratory or washable agents.

Unique technology

Future-oriented and sustainable self-sanitizing technology.

Recycled materials

The product is made from recycled plastic waste from the aquaculture industry.

Tested and certified

Tested and approved against various ISO standards.

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