Plastic bags and packaging

Parx technology can help keep food fresher and fresher for longer and can perform at the highest level in terms of food security.


Vacuum packing and associated danger

Vacuum sealing has become the gold standard in food preservation. In this low oxygen environment, the growth of most bacteria and fungi is prevented.

But what most people may not be aware of is about the anaerobic bacteria. This is the type that will thrive in a low oxygen atmosphere. Most commonly known as - Botulism and Listeria Monocytogenes.

These bacteria enter products and grow even faster as there is an apparent absence of oxygen. What's even more scary is that one would not even know if products were attacked, because ironically, the changes that these bacteria constitute are largely invisible. The products do not taste different, do not look like something has happened. However, only a very small amount of these anaerobic substances can lead to infection and disease.

Revolutionary, safe and sustainable technology

Parx technology can help keep food fresher and fresher for longer and can perform at the highest level in terms of food security. It works excellently in all types of packaging in PP, PE and PET plastic.

Prevents cross-contamination, bacterial growth and the formation of biofilm or other unwanted growth and in addition reduces bad smells. Technology is carefully tested and approved for use against food.

ZincIn collaborates with manufacturers who supply everything in packaging for food, which has the latest machinery and is top class in terms of quality and competence. We can offer integration of Parx technology into existing products, with existing subcontractors, or that the packaging can be produced through our partners who already have knowledge of how the technology is integrated in the best possible way. 

We can also assist with the development of new packaging products as we have product developers, designers and toolmakers in our team who have achieved several international awards. Contact us and we will find the best solutions for your products.

The main benefits

Less waste
Keeping food fresher longer means that there are more opportunities to sell, more opportunities to export and more opportunities to consume the food. Less food waste is high on the agenda.

Better food safety
Less bacteria and less chance of cross-contamination leads to a safer product.

Better quality
Bad smell can ruin the first impression the customer gets by opening a package. That smell can make customers doubt the quality of the product. Reducing bad odors is a great step towards a perfect first impression.

Minor cross-contamination
Did you know that there is a very good chance that the chicken packaging you buy in the supermarket has some nasty chicken bacteria on the outside of the packaging? Putting them in the same bag of fruits and vegetables can lead to cross-contamination and perhaps food poisoning. With a packaging made with Saniconcentrate ™ the risk is greatly reduced.

Unique features

Unique Parx technology

Non-toxic self-sanitizing technology patented in 43 countries to date.

No toxic chemicals

Contains no toxic or harmful chemicals for health and the environment.

Better food safety

Less bacteria and less chance of cross-contamination.

Tested and certified

Tested against a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

Less waste

Keeping food fresher for longer provides more opportunities to sell, export and consume food.

No migration

No wandering or washable fabric.

Unique technology

Future-oriented and sustainable self-sanitizing technology.

Less waste

Technology provides longer storage time for foods.

Better food safety

Technology performs at the highest level in terms of food security.

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