Hygienic Half Mask (Black)

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Our reusable and washable sanitary napkin is a comfortable and soft, non-medical cloth sanitary napkin that contains a unique non-toxic antibacterial technology that has been patented in 43 countries to date. read more about the technology here.

Our customers include health trusts (medical environments), optician chains, salons, etc., but we are now looking for more B2B customers both in Norway and the rest of the world. Good profit opportunities as there are no expensive intermediaries - straight from the factory.

The size guide

Size overview

  • Medium - A: 21.5cm B: 13cm
  • Large - A: 25cm B: 14.5cm
To measure your face to find the right size:

A: Measure from the outer edge of the cheekbones, over to the same point on the opposite side.

B: Measure well from under the chin to over the tip of the nose.

Feel free to send us an inquiry if you want to order in larger quantities as a corporate customer. You can also order piecemeal at our online store: hygienichalfmask.com

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    Problems with pimples after using a face mask?

    Hygienic Half Mask can help with "masking"!

    The fabric / material in Hygienic Half Mask is made to reduce skin irritations and friction that occurs when wearing a face mask for a long time. Our face mask irritates therefore not the skin and reduces the accumulation of impurities.

    Hygienic Half Mask has a built-in non-toxic antibacterial technology. Parx SaniconcentrateTM which is the technology itself is produced using the skin's own defense mechanism and is based on trace element zinc, which is known for its wound healing property.

    The nonwoven pattern also provides a siphon effect (breathable pipe system) that reduces clamminess and sweating, and has a water-repellent property.

    The mouthpiece feels light and soft against the dog.

    In general, "mask" is an umbrella term for several skin conditions that can be caused by face masks. This may include:

    • Acne. Pimples occur when the pores are clogged by, for example, oil, dead skin cells and / or other particles.
    • Rosacea. If you have rosacea, using a face mask can result in a worsening condition.
    • Contact dermatitis or contact dermatitis. The condition occurs when one is allergic or sensitive to the material that is in contact with the skin. It can cause rash, irritation, and / or blisters.
    • Folliculitis. Infections in the hair follicles and appear as bumps in the skin with a pimple-like appearance. It can be very painful.

    Hygienic Half Mask

    Hygienic Half Mask is equipped with integrated filters that can neither be nor should be replaced. Washable at 60 degrees, has a nose clip for a better fit and tightening function on the straps behind the ears for better comfort.

    Meets the requirement for the highest bacterial filtration efficiency BFE ≥ 90% (SN-CWA 17553: 2020).

    * Note that the bandages are not classified as medical devices or personal protective equipment.

    Material in our reusable mouthpiece:

    60% polypropylene
    20% PTFE Nanofilm
    20% ES fiber

    Unique features

    Unique Parx technology

    Non-toxic antibacterial technology that has been patented in 43 countries to date.

    No toxic chemicals

    Contains no toxic or harmful to health and environmental chemicals.


    Can be washed at 60 degrees and air dried.

    Adjustable ear straps

    Tightening function on the straps behind the ears.

    Nose clip

    Nose clip for better fit.

    4-layer filtration system

    The outer layer and inner layer prevent so-called "mask" or mask acne. Filtration layers 2 and 3 consist of PTFE Nanofilm filter and ES fiber filter which both contribute to fulfilling bacterial filtration effect (BFE) ≥ 90%.

    Unique technology

    Future-oriented and sustainable antimicrobial technology.

    Reduces mask

    The substance in our mouthpiece prevents skin irritation and the formation of masks.

    Tested and certified

    Tested and approved against various ISO standards. Quality controlled at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI).

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