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The world's first plastic pipe system for drainage and wastewater specially designed to reduce the accumulation of bacteria and mucus.


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    Bio Pipe

    Bio Pipe ™ is the world's first plastic pipe system for drainage and wastewater specially designed to reduce the accumulation of bacteria and slime that causes endless blockages, water leaks and service calls for the end user.

    • Improves physical properties by creating a smoother surface that has been shown to reduce the incidence of water leaks.
    • The flexibility means that Bio Pipe can be used in many different industries on many different platforms and applications.
    • End users and service contractors can save time and money on breakdowns and downtime on the equipment.

    Bio Pipe pipes developed in 2015 proven to reduce the adhesion of biofilm in the condensation drainage of cooling systems and deliver excellent results, never seen before.
    Parx technology lasts forever, does not migrate and is approved for use against food and food. To date, drainage pipes have been developed for refrigeration systems, but continuous work is being done on the development and preparation for the production of other types of pipes as well. Among customers who use the product are ALDI, Lidl and others.

    The innovation that saves money and is environmentally friendly


    Return on investment

    • Repayment on Bio-Pipe is 1-3 years depending on the size of the plant.


    How much resources are spent on insurance claims caused by cooling water leaks?

    • Biopipe will significantly reduce the number of insurance claims


    The benefits of Bio-Pipe:

    • No application every six months. BioPipe does not wear out
    • No performance degradation
    • No environmental impact, no toxic chemicals
    • Biopipe is 94% cheaper over a 10-year life cycle


    BioPipe will add value and earn the total cost of ownership

    • The total cost of ownership for a BioPipe system is significantly less than a standard drainage system.
    • Savings on 88% can be sensibly realized and achieved after 1 year of operation.

    Unique features

    Unique Parx technology

    Technology that reduces bacteria and mucus that causes endless blockages.

    No toxic chemicals

    Contains no toxic or harmful chemicals for health and the environment.

    Recycled materials

    Pipes made from recycled plastic waste.

    Tested and certified

    Tested against a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

    No degradation

    The technology realizes an inherent, inert property change in and on the surface of the material that lasts forever.

    No migration

    No migratory or washable agents.

    Unique technology

    Future-oriented and sustainable self-sanitizing technology.

    Recycled materials

    The product is made from recycled plastic waste from the aquaculture industry.

    Tested and certified

    Tested and approved against various ISO standards.

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